Electric Pressure Cooker



Electric Pressure Cooker

● YBW50-90V1: 5L/900W;  YBW60-100V1: 6L/1000W
● Fashionable and novel appearance, unique brushed outer casing and upper cover, excellent visual effect;
● IMD Touch control panel, huge curved LED display screen, convenient and easy to operate;
● Three taste options in menu, users can also set the pressure holding time according to their cooking experience;
● Intelligent seven-stage pressure adjustment, set the optimal cooking pressure and temperature for each food so that nutritions can be released thoroughly;
● With multiple protection devices, the pressure-limiting valve can not be sealed if lid is not in place, so to avoid potential safety hazard caused by the heating of the machine under abnormal working conditions;
● User-friendly manual exhaust and reset mechanism, distanced exhaust outlet to avoid scalds.

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